We warmly welcome you to our fencing center. Our expert staff would love to discuss your goals and how we can help you met them.  We provide a safe and fun atmosphere for fencers of all age and skill levels to practice together.

Achieve Your Goals

Whether you are a beginner fencer seeking a new sport, a recreational fencer wanting to stay in shape, or a competitive fencer looking to increase your profile, we can help.  We have guided many fencers of different backgrounds to top national rankings, earned NCAA scholarships, and much more.

Connecticut's Foil Club

Fencers School of CT offers group classes, individual lessons and open practices in a fun, safe and engaging environment. Fencers of all age and skill levels are welcome to train with our professional coaching staff and nationally-ranked fencers in our dedicated fencing club located on Route 1 in Guilford, Connecticut. 

A Sport for All Ages

Fencers School of Connecticut regularly works with students of ages ranging 5 - 70 years old. There is no one single attribute that makes a fencer. Fencers can be tall or short, fast or slow, skinny or strong; all ages, skill levels, genders and abilities are welcome.

Fencing Facts

Fencing is one of only four sports to be included in every modern Olympic Games, since 1896.     In a recent study, fencing was deemed one of the safest Olympic sports. The tip of the fencing weapon is the second fastest moving object in sport, behind only a marksman's bullet.

Fencers School of Connecticut


Fencers School of Connecticut is a full-service fencing facility featuring an engineered hardwood floor with modern scoring systems. In addition to our lessons and classes, we also offer:

  • Equipment Sales and Repair
  • Tournament Coaching
  • Birthday Parties
  • Facility Rentals

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