full fencing gear can be loaned for new Fencers for one-month

All participating fencers must be current USA Fencing Members

please refer to our calendar & social media for any cancellations due to inclement weather

New fencers must register with USA Fencing and become an individual member to participate in any practices at Fencers School of Connecticut.  An annual non-competitive membership @ $10 includes secondary medical/accident insurance, but does not allow the member to vote or compete.  Memberships can be upgraded should fencers become interested in attending outside competitions with USA Fencing.  Athletes must wear gym clothes and sneakers to all practices, and full fencing gear must by worn at all times during fencing training.  Please contact our staff with any questions or concerns related to practice obligations and safety.

Program Services

  • Classes                  $30 per class
  • Practices                  $20 per day
  • Individual           $35 per 30 mins

Fencers School of Connecticut