Youth Foil Group

Competitive Foil Group

Tue/Thu 6 - 8 PM

Open Practice

Fencers School of Connecticut

by appointment

A foil class for intermediate and advanced fencers currently competing in USA Fencing tournaments.  Competitive fencing concepts and tactics will be explored and worked through in group settings.  Train with our professional coaching staff and alongside our nationally-ranked foil fencers.

Mon 5 - 7 PM

Wed 5 - 7 PM

High School Practice

Individual Lessons

Sat 12 - 2 PM

Individual lessons can be made by appointment weekdays and Saturdays.  Individual lessons are a vital part of a fencers development, and integral to competitive fencing success.  We recommend individual lessons in conjunction with classes and open practice participation.

A foil class for new and intermediate fencers ages 12 years and younger.  Students can learn and develop the basic skills and fundamentals needed to practice and play.  Full fencing equipment can be loaned out to new students, and there is no minimum enrollment required.  Many of our competitive fencers began in these popular youth classes and continue to assist the younger fencers in exploring the game.

High School Practice is an all-weapons group designed for new and current high school fencers.  All participants must be current USA Fencing members and have their own fencing equipment.

Open Practice is an opportunity for fencers to train in a safe and supervised setting.  All participants must be current USA Fencing members and have their own fencing equipment.  This is a great chance for fencers to take lessons with their coach and work on individual training goals with peer athletes.